DayCare and Preschool Information

Like other quality children’s programs, all our classrooms have a Registered Early Childhood Educators so you know milestones will be pursued and met. Unlike other programs, exploring what it means to be Jewish is a key component of our curriculum.

Jewish stories and songs are shared and sung, Kosher food is served (including fresh challah every Friday), and Jewish holidays are observed and explained. Additionally, each class has both an English and Hebrew teacher.

We’re pleased to offer full-day, half-day and after-school programs, as well as special PA day programs so parents don’t have to adjust their schedules. We have a lovely saltwater pool for the kids to swim in (there are always lifeguards present), and a multi-purpose gymnasium where we bring students to play sports of all kinds, from motor-developing games like soccer and hand ball to team-building games. Competition is never stressed, only continuous improvement and fun.